Intentions are important.  Good or bad, they guide you in your life.  They impact how you interact with your environment and how you deal with the people in your life and whether or not you eat that fruit at lunch or go straight for the fudge that Linda left in the break room because she made too much when she baked all her Christmas cookies.  Damn it, Linda.

New Year is my least favorite holiday.  I always start the night with high hopes and good intentions (heh) but it somehow always ends up letting me down.  The champagne toast isn’t on time or no one does the countdown or perhaps you have no one to kiss at midnight and instead you awkwardly side hug the younger brother of your college guy friend.  True story – all of these things happened to me in the same night and it cemented my opinion that New Year is a lame holiday.

But I love resolutions.  I absolutely love the idea of turning over a new leaf.  Reinventing yourself, shedding your old skin, {insert cliche here}.  I usually make a list of them that’s way longer than any normal person should. I try to make it a mix of things that are realistically achievable and some that are pretty lofty.

I will say, however, that as much as I love making resolutions I’m not in love with calling them that. Resolution implies commitment. Like, if I don’t accomplish my resolutions to the letter then I’ve let myself down. And I know I’m not going to complete my resolutions down to the letter. That’s just not how I roll.

Havi Brooks is an amazing blogger and de-stuckifying genius/yoga goddess who coined the term that I now use when I’m making my crazy long list of changes I’d like to make in the new year. Rather than calling them resolutions, they are my New Year’s Gwishes. Check out the post explaining it on her blog. The short version is that it’s a goal but also a wish, a gwish, which makes it much less a commitment type thing and much more a magical type thing.

One of my gwishes for 2019 is this space. I hope that I can create a space that’s interesting to people, something that I have fun with, and that I don’t let it die before the next year. Realistic or lofty? I don’t know! But I’m excited to give it a try.  Come gwish with me!

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